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In this section you will find the images that the Balmaseda 1487 Project has generated. You can click on them to enlarge them. There are three types of content in this gallery: general images and descriptive infographics , high resolution and before and after images:

General images

Within the general images you will find aerial views of the town from different angles and others that are closer to certain areas of interest that were important in the fifteenth century. On the other hand, the intention of these descriptive infographics is to quickly make known the main elements that made up Balmaseda in the second half of the 15th century. You can enlarge them by clicking on them:

Evidence scale

In order to make the reader/visitor understand the different levels of evidence of the elements of the recreation, we have applied a scale of historical-archaeological evidence to the model. It is the 2022 version of a scale adapted by Pablo Aparicio and César Figueiredo in 2016. This tool is very useful for us to emphasize that after a jump of 500 years, there are recreated elements of which we can be more sure and others of which that we can’t be that much.

High resolution

Two large format images have been generated at a resolution of 16k (15360px * 8640px). It is about the panoramic views of the villa, from different angles. They are images designed for people who want to delve deeper into the details of the virtual model. When clicking on them, the images will open in a new tab:

Before and after images

With these images you will be able to see the difference between the fifteenth century and today. Drag the button to interact:

Vista aérea

Mediante esta vista aérea de la villa se pueden observar los cambios entre el siglo XV y el presente.

Iglesia San Severino y mercado

Los principales cambios en la iglesia son añadidos como la crestería barroca y las capillas de la zona norte del templo. En segundo plano se observa el mercado.

Finally, add that as the information is updated through new studies and research, the virtual recreation will be updated and corrected, and the images in this section of the web will be replaced. Always with the aim of offering the visitor an updated and defensible version of what is being shown here.