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Balmaseda 1487

Your journey to the 15th century begins here.
Immerse yourself in the daily life of a walled village in the Middle Ages

Alboan guided tour stops

If you are participating in a guided tour of Alboan Enkarterri Servicios Turísticos , follow the guide’s instructions. You can go through the stops in the guided tour section of the website, or by clicking on the following links:

#1 The market

A village with a marked commercial character

#2 The wall

The defense began in the walled enclosure

#3 Extramural

There was also life beyond the walls

#4 La puente

The most emblematic entrance door of the town

#5 The castle

The medieval fortress that crowned Balmaseda

The Balmaseda 1487 project

Learn about the objectives of the project, its phases, how it germinated, the people who are collaborating, as well as the reason behind the name of the initiative.

Image gallery

Discover the most hidden corners of Balmaseda in 1487. Observe the town from all angles. Enjoy general views, before and after images , descriptive infographics…

Virtual reality

360º images have been generated for a much more immersive experience, which will help to better understand the distances and the location of the main elements of medieval Balmaseda.


We have compiled all the sources consulted throughout the creation process and we put them at your fingertips so that you can delve deeper into the medieval history of Balmaseda, Las Encartaciones and Bizkaia. You can find books, conference proceedings, articles from specialized magazines,….

Social networks

Follow the project on social networks. In them we will announce the dates of the guided tours , we will add new graphic material that is generated, and we will inform about the news of this initiative. Click the icons to see our network profiles:

“We will never see the same landscape that our 15th century ancestors saw. It has been interesting to investigate our natural history”


“Thanks to this project we can assume what the Church of San Juan was like in the 15th century, different from the temple we see today”


“That was a very hierarchical society. The lineages, sheltered in tower-houses, had an important power of influence”


“The church of San Severino had notable differences with the current one. We have to think in much straighter lines than today”


“Castle, bridge and wall made up the essential elements of this town that got ahead thanks to its commercial privileges”


A living and open project

Participate in the Balmaseda 1487 Project

Do you have any suggestions or ideas to get more out of this project? Any use or utility that we have missed? Can you provide data, studies, articles or historical documentation to improve the virtual recreation? Are you part of an entity, research group or association and want to participate in the creative process? Do not hesitate to contact.